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Why is Some Like It Hot in black and white?

Why is Some Like It Hot in black and white? Marilyn Monroe wanted the movie to be shot in color (her contract stipulated that all her films were to be in color), but Billy Wilder convinced her to let it be shot in black and white when costume tests revealed that the makeup that Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon wore gave their faces a green tinge.

Is there a Colour version of Some Like It Hot? Despite Monroe’s contract requiring the film to be in color, she agreed to it being filmed in black and white after seeing that Curtis and Lemmon’s makeup gave them a “ghoulish” appearance on color film.

Why was Some Like It Hot Shot in black and white despite the fact that Marilyn Monroe had a clause in her contract to only work in color pictures? Monroe’s contract stipulated that all of her films were shot in color, but Wilder convinced her that black and white would be better for “Some Like It Hot” after seeing color screen tests that made Lemmon and Tony Curtis look green and ghastly when in their drag make-up.

Is Marilyn Monroe really singing in Some Like It Hot? 4. BILLY WILDER AND MARILYN MONROE WERE THE BEST OF FRENEMIES. The biggest piece of Some Like It Hot casting was, hands down, Marilyn Monroe in the role of singer/ukulele player/saxophonist lover Sugar Kane. Wilder recalled that Monroe showed up for early rehearsals and was great—when she remembered her lines.

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What is the famous last line of the 1959 comedy film Some Like It Hot?

But when Jerry finally admits to his fiancé that he is a man, Osgood responds with the film’s exemplary last line, “Well, nobody’s perfect.”

What is the theme of Some Like It Hot?

The theme of Some Like It Hot is that no one is perfect. One good example of this is Osgood’s last line in the move as they are sailing away in his boat.

Does Netflix have Some Like It Hot?

Sorry, Some Like It Hot is not available on American Netflix. We check Netflix hundreds of times a day, so you can check back regularly to see when it appears for streaming.

Where is Marilyn Monroe buried at?

Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery visiting information

The Westwood Village Cemetery in Los Angeles is located at 1218 Glendon Avenue, just a half-block off busy Wilshire Blvd.

What happened to Marilyn Monroe’s son?

However, a series of unfortunate events prompted things to take a turn for the worse in the fall of 1933. First, Baker learned that her 13-year-old son Jackie, taken from her as an infant, had died of kidney disease, resulting in mom lashing out at Monroe for being the one to live.

What did Billy Wilder say about Marilyn Monroe?

Billy Wilder on Marilyn Monroe: “She had a kind of elegant vulgarity.”

What was Marilyn Monroe’s real voice like?

Monroe’s signature breathy speaking voice was actually a tactic the actress used to overcome a childhood stutter. A speech therapist reportedly trained her to adopt the throaty style, and it ended up becoming one of her standout traits as an actress and singer.

Where is Some Like It Hot filmed?

Filmed at Hotel del Coronado in 1958, “Some Like It Hot” showcased the talents of Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon while also highlighting the hotel’s assets – a spectacular sun-drenched silhouette of Victorian architecture, the perfect backdrop for the film’s 1929 setting.

Who does Tony Curtis impersonate in Some Like It Hot?

His performance in Some Like It Hot follows far behind. Curtis in his female persona of Josephine befriends Sugar Kane (Monroe) – she thinks she’s a she, of course. The man in him, however, wants to take her in his arms and one night he disappears and returns disguised as a yacht-owning millionaire.

WHO said the last line in Some Like It Hot?

In a risque line for 1959, Billy Wilder ended his comedy Some Like It Hot with a joke from the millionaire Osgood Fielding III (Joe E Brown) as he is steering a boat away from the pier in Miami.

What is Some Like It Hot exposing about American life in 1959?

Quick Answer: Some Like it Hot ignored regulations of the time and told a raucous story of two men who dress in drag and join a girl’s band to escape the mob. The movie hints at homosexuality, studies the male gaze, speaks to female objectification and misogyny, and condemns male insensitivity.

How did the two main characters lose their coats in Some Like It Hot?

Putting up their coats as collateral, they place a bet with their bookie, and promptly lose both the bet and their coats. Desperate, Joe and Jerry visit the musicians’ agency building hoping to line up another job.

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