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What is John Proctors argument against the court?

What is John Proctors argument against the court?

How does John Proctor challenge the court? Proctor mentions that his friends are also falsely accused and unfairly imprisoned. He continues to challenge the court by taking out a petition signed by ninety-one landholding farmers, who testify on Rebecca Nurse’s, Elizabeth Proctor’s, and Martha Corey’s behalf.

What does John Proctor convince Mary to do when they went to court? What does John Proctor want Mary to testify? He wants to prove his wife is innocent by having Mary tell them she made the doll and put the needle in it.

What evidence does Giles Corey bring to court? Giles Corey goes into the courtroom and states that he has evidence for the court that his wife is not a witch. Giles tells that Thomas Putnam’s agreed for land is fuelling these lies. How does Danforth respond to Giles?

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Why does Elizabeth deny John’s relationship with Abigail?

Elizabeth denies that John had a relationship with Abigail because even though she has not forgiven him, he is her husband and she is a very virtuous woman and will remain loyal to her husband.

What is John Proctor guilty of?

John Proctor ( – ) was a landowner in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was hanged on in Salem Village, Massachusetts Bay Colony during the Salem Witch Trials after being falsely accused and convicted for witchcraft.

How does Proctor stand up for himself?

Proctor redeems himself and provides a final denunciation of the witch trials in his final act. By refusing to give up his personal integrity Proctor implicitly proclaims his conviction that such integrity will bring him to heaven. He goes to the gallows redeemed for his earlier sins.

Why hasn’t John told the court what he knows what does Elizabeth attribute his not telling to?

Why hasn’t John Proctor told the court what he knows? What does Elizabeth attribute his not telling? John worries how he would prove what Abigail said (since they were alone). Also, he is aware of the power she has gained.

Who is taken to jail at the end of Act III?

At the end of ACT III, Proctor himself is arrested, despite his original intent of going to court being to free his wife Elizabeth.

How does Elizabeth know John cheated on her?

Elizabeth learned that John cheated on her with Abigail and has lost trust in John. He also reveals that him and Abigail were alone together and in that moment Elizabeth had lost all faith in John.

Why does Elizabeth want John to do why she won’t do it?

Elizabeth originally wants John to go to Salem so he can tell the court that he knows the girls are lying. Then, when she finds out she was accused in court, she wants him to go to Salem to speak directly with Abigail. Elizabeth makes these requests with an eye towards correcting injustice and saving her own life.

Why was Abigail asked to leave the Proctor’s home What are Abigail’s feelings for John Proctor for Elizabeth Proctor?

For Elizabeth Proctor? Abigail was asked to leave the Proctor’s home because Elizabeth suspects that Abigail and Proctor have had an affair. Abigail’s feelings towards John Proctor are of love, while w/ Elizabeth Proctor, she despises her.

Why isn’t Giles Corey allowed to show the court his evidence?

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Giles Corey is expelled from court because he basically burst into a trial without ceremony or introduction, demanding that the court hear his evidence.

Who put 400 people in jail and condemned 72 to hang?

Danforth, however, has had a hand in the fate of a great deal more; he is said to have imprisoned 400 people for witchcraft in the area and to have signed the death warrants for 72 of those individuals.

What does Putnam stand to gain by charging people with witchcraft?

Putnam stands to gain a lot of land cheap if his neighbors are convicted of witchcraft. Giles Corey refuses to give up his source, and is arrested for contempt of court. He is later killed by pressing.

What does Elizabeth do to protect John?

Proctor tells of his affair with Abigail and that is why she was fired. What does Elizabeth do to protect John Proctor’s name? She takes the side of the girls, accusing John of forcing her to sign the devil’s book.

What do Abby and the girls do when Mary Warren is trying to get them to confess to pretending?

Abigail turns the court against Mary Warren in The Crucible by pretending that Mary’s spirit is preparing to attack her from the rafters. Abigail pretends to see Mary’s spirit in the form of a menacing bird, and the girls follow her lead.

Why does Mary Warren accuse Proctor of witchcraft?

The other girls became angry with Mary and began accusing her of being a witch because she had told the high court that all the girls were lying that they saw the devil. She was formally accused of witchcraft on .

Is John Proctor guilty or innocent?

True, Proctor did succumb to sin and commit adultery; however, he lacks the capacity to forgive himself. Unsurprisingly, his relationship with Elizabeth remains strained throughout the majority of the play. He resents Elizabeth because she cannot forgive him and trust him again, but he is guilty of the same thing.

What are three characteristics of John Proctor?

His defining characteristics include love of family, hard work, esteem for his name, piety, and human fallibility. The pressures of Puritan society weigh upon Proctor and his family as he finds himself at the very center of a witch hunt.

Is John Proctor guilty of witchcraft?

John Proctor and his wife were both convicted of witchcraft on . The couple were sentenced to the gallows but Elizabeth’s sentence was delayed until the birth of her child.

How many of Ann Putnam’s children died?

Ann Putnam has lost seven total children. She has one surviving child.

What happened to Mrs Putnam’s 7 babies?

Putnam’s babies have died, and she is looking for an explanation. She decides that Rebecca Nurse is responsible because Ruth, Mrs. Putnam’s daughter, “accused Rebecca’s spirit of ‘tempting her to iniquity.

Why is John Proctor a hypocrite?

Feared and resented by the many people in Salem he has made feel foolish, Proctor has a powerful sense of personal integrity. For this reason, his affair with Abigail makes him see himself as a hypocrite.

What information does Elizabeth not report to John?

What information does Elizabeth NOT report to John? That she doesn’t believe that a woman could be a witch/possessed by the devil. Why does Proctor say he is reluctant to go to Salem and tell what Abigail said to him? How was Mary Warren changed during this act?

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