What is def regeneration?

What is def regeneration? This process of cleaning and emptying a Diesel Particulate Filter is called DPF regeneration. The soot created by the process of combustion which is collected in the filter is burnt off to make sure that the filter does not become blocked and that it can carry on trapping more soot.

What happens during a DPF regeneration? DPF filters go through a regeneration process which removes this soot and lowers the filter pressure. This fuel and exhaust gas mixture passes through the Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) creating temperatures high enough to burn off the accumulated soot.

How does def regen work? DPF regen happens when the trapped particulates heat up enough to combust and turn to ash. The built-up soot is thereby removed as gaseous carbon dioxide. Regeneration may happen one of three ways: passive, active, or forced.

How do I regenerate my DPF? If this happens, the best thing that you can do is immediately take the car out on a dual carriageway or motorway for 15 minutes of continuous driving to give the DPF an opportunity to regenerate.

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Is DPF regeneration automatic?

This usually happens automatically when the engine reaches a certain temperature — normally at motorway speed, or during a long drive if you’re driving more slowly. This is referred to as passive DPF regeneration as neither the driver nor the car does anything out of the ordinary – it just happens.

Can I clean a DPF myself?

Don’t DPFs clean themselves? In theory, yes. “Passive Regeneration” or if appropriate Active DPF regeneration will take place as part of a healthy diesel engine running cycle, but active regeneration can fail once a blockage reaches a certain level. Sometimes a “forced” regeneration may be carried out by a mechanic.

Can a blocked DPF damage the engine?

However, just like any other type of filter, a DPF has a finite capacity. Once it gets clogged up, you will notice your car switching to ‘limp home mode’. This happens because your car is working to prevent any further damage that may happen to the engine. Moreover, it keeps you from potentially over-fuelling.

Can you regen a truck while driving?

Your truck can undergo the regen process properly while running, and will in fact, usually do so. Your diesel particulate filter, or DPF, undergoes routine passive regen as needed during steady driving. Active regeneration also occurs and happens best during highway driving speeds.

How much does a forced Regen cost?

A forced regeneration can be performed by any service shop with the appropriate diagnostic software. The cost for a forced regeneration varies. Generally, it is between $300-$700 depending on the technician’s required diagnostic time and the length of time your DPF regeneration lasts.

Is forced Regen bad?

DPFs run on high temperatures to burn off particulate matter; therefore, even a minor problem can cause an array of issues ranging from power loss to bad smells.

Is it illegal to remove DPF?

While it’s not illegal to remove a car’s DPF, it is illegal to drive without it if one should be fitted. The process for removing a DPF is a relatively simple one that requires cutting a hole in a vehicle’s exhaust, removing the filter and welding the resultant hole shut.

How many times can you regen a DPF?

Active regeneration will be initiated every 300 miles or so depending on how you use your car and will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. But it’s a problem if your journey’s too short and the regeneration doesn’t finish.

How far do you have to drive to regenerate DPF?

Because the DPF is under the car, not ‘close coupled’ in the exhaust manifold, the car needs to be driven quite a long way (50 miles) at 2000 – 2500 rpm to get the DPF hot enough to promote a passive regeneration.

How much does DPF filter cost?

A new DPF filter from a car manufacturer can cost anywhere from $1000 to $4000 depending on the vehicle and the grade of DPF filter. For larger vehicles like Freightliners, they can go up to even $10,000.

Can you clean DPF with water?

Water in a DPF can set the soot/ash into concrete like substance, which will, in turn, ruin the DPF completely. Moreover, high-pressure water damages the cells inside the DPF. Ash removal through compressed air is not enough too. Per say, such a procedure for diesel cleaning service does more harm than good!

Can I drill holes in my DPF filter?

Not sure, it might hold up. -Drilling holes will cause the rest of the filter to plug up, and never allow it to regenerate. The airflow will go through the drilled holes but there will be soot that gets trapped by the filter. If you don’t have enough holes, you’ll build excessive backpressure.

How do you deep clean DPF?

DPF Deep Clean

The treatment will include either a direct flush into the DPF on a ramp or a soak overnight, then a diagnostic regeneration of the DPF to reset the engine management system.

How long will a DPF filter last?

How long should a DPF last? A DPF can last up to around 100,000 miles if maintained properly. After the car has exceeded that mileage, you could be looking at paying a large amount of money for a replacement – so always properly check MoT and service records when buying a used car.

How long does it take for DPF Cleaner to work?

Most drivers find that if the DPF warning light comes on in their car, after having applied a dose of DPF cleaner to the fuel tank, the light disappears within 10 – 15 minutes, without requiring expensive intervention by mechanics.

Can you drive while Regen?

Usually, nothing. The vehicle needs to run at operating temperature during the regeneration, so highway driving is best. Just drive as you normally would. During active regeneration, the exhaust outlet temperature is extremely high.

What happens if you don’t Regen a truck?

Regeneration, or regen, of the DPF filter, is the process that burns the soot accumulation that is inside the DPF filter. If you can no longer start a regen then you will eventually get stuck in a derate which will then lead to an engine shut down.

How often should I do a parked regen?

low temperature regen will start every 150-180 engine hours. Sometimes there will be high temperature regen while vehicle is in motion and DOC outlet temperature will rise up to 1200F. It may take 20-30min. Forced parked regen you can start when dpf is in Zone 1 .

How often should DPF be cleaned?

When Is It Time To Have Your DPF or DOC Cleaned? A good rule of thumb is to go in for a cleaning about every 200,000 miles or less, depending on your duty style. It is possible to burn off this excess ash and soot on your own using either passive or active regeneration.

How long is parked regeneration?

Activating Parked Regen

However, most medium-duty trucks are equipped with dash indicators alerting driver of the need for parked regeneration (also known as manual regeneration). The process takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete.

Why is my Regen taking so long?

If your forced DPF regen lasts closer to an hour or continues beyond that, it likely suggests that your exhaust temperatures are not building up high enough to successfully burn off the soot collected in the DPF and that the truck is still trying to bring down those soot levels.

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