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What does Mitch want from blanche at the end of Scene Nine?

What does Mitch want from blanche at the end of Scene Nine? Mitch wants to turn on the lights, but Blanche pleads with him not to. She doesn’t want light and truth; she wants magic and illusion. But Mitch jerks the lantern off the light and forces Blanche under it. He notices that she is older than he had supposed, but he could have accepted that if she had been straight.

How does Mitch feel about Blanche in the end? Once he discovers the truth about Blanche’s sordid sexual past, Mitch is both angry and embarrassed about the way Blanche has treated him. When he arrives to chastise her, he states that he feels he deserves to have sex with her, even though he no longer respects her enough to think her fit to be his wife.

When Mitch confronts Blanche about her lies in Scene 9 What does he do? Mitch stares Blanche in the face. He says that he doesn’t mind her being older than he’d thought, but he does mind all the lying. Blanche begins to deny it, but Mitch says he’s heard the stories about her from three sources: Stanley, Shaw, and a merchant in Laurel.

What does Mitch find out about Blanche? Mitch tells Blanche that he likes her because she is different from anyone he has ever met, an independent spirit. Blanche laughs and invites him in for a nightcap. Blanche lights a candle and prepares the drinks, saying they must celebrate and forget their worries on their last night together.

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Who tells Mitch about Blanche’s past?

Stanley says it was his duty to reveal the truth about Blanche to his army friend and bowling teammate. He has told Mitch the bad news about Blanche, and there’s no way Mitch will marry her now.

What is Blanche’s little weakness?

What, according to Stella, is Blanche’s “little weakness”? Stella says that Blanche’s little weakness is her appearance. Stella says Blanche likes to be complimented about her appearance.

Why does Mitch say he won’t marry Blanche now?

Mitch says he won’t marry Blanche anymore because she is not clean enough to bring into his house with his sick mother. Stanley comes home from the hospital. Blanche tells Stanley that Mitch came to see her tonight in her work clothes. He started to ramble off stories that Stanley had told him and then left.

What is ironic about Blanche’s statement that she Cannot forgive Mitch?

The irony in Blanche’s statement about deliberate cruelty is that she can’t forgive Mitch for it even though she’s been telling him lies about herself so he would want her.

Does Blanche lie about age?

blanche lies because she thinks mitch will look at her differently. blanche doesnt like the bright lights because it shows her true age making her feel vulnerable. this symbolizes blanche does not want to face the harsh truth about herself.

Why does Mitch destroy the paper lantern?

6. Why does Mitch destroy the paper lantern? Mitch destroy the lantern because he’s never seen blanch in full light and only in dime lighting. this is symbolic because he has destroyed her mask of beauty and innocence.

Why does Stanley really want Blanche to leave?

– Stanley wants Blanche to leave because he can’t act the same with Stella and things are different in their marriage. With Blanche here Stella is constantly reminded of her old life with “better men” and Stanley does not like it at all.

Does Mitch marry Blanche?

Mitch doesn’t show up to Blanche’s birthday party because Stanley told him about Blanche’s past in Laurel. Blanche doesn’t give in; she still wants Mitch to marry her. Mitch passes on the marriage offer, insults Blanche, and leaves. In the final scene of the play, Mitch is ashamed and on edge.

What does Blanche mean by a girl alone in the world?

A girl alone in the world, has got to keep a firm hold on her emotions or she’ll be lost! Blanche speaks from experience for she is lost. It was like you suddenly turned a blinding light on something that had always been half in shadow / The searchlight which had been turned on the world was turned off again. /

How does Mitch respond to Blanche’s secret about her past?

How does Mitch respond to Blanche’s secret about her past? He hugs her & is sorry for her. What might Blanche have meant in her last line of Scene 6 (“Sometimes’s – there’s God – so quickly!”) ? That she is happy that she has found someone that loves her.

Why does Blanche want Mitch?

Blanche wants Mitch because he represents her last hope for a husband and someone to support her. She has lost her girlhood home, has no marketable skills, is becoming more and more mentally unbalanced. She had been a schoolteacher but was dismissed for having a relationship with a student.

What is the irony of the song Blanche sings in the bathtub?

What is the irony of the song Blanche sings in the bathtub? “It wouldn’t be make believe if you believe in me,” everything she says is a lie. How does Stanley destroy Blanche’s plans for her future? Stanley tells Mitch what Blanche did, if he knows this he won’t want to marry her.

How does Stanley react to Blanche’s flirting?

Stanley replies gruffly to Blanche’s idle chatter. When she unashamedly asks him to come and fasten her buttons, he refuses. He begins to question sarcastically how Blanche came to acquire so many fancy dress items, and he rejects Blanche’s flirtatious bids to make the conversation more kind-spirited.

Why does Blanche lie so much?

Blanche lies about her drinking, she lies about her age, she lies about losing her job, and she lies through omission about a past that seems tragic in the play but like punishment in the movie. Stanley thinks Blanche is lying about the loss of the family’s estate in order to cheat him and Stella.

Who does Blanche blame for her problems?

Blanche takes the blame for the failure because she feels that it is the lady’s duty to “entertain the gentleman.” After Blanche tells Mitch that she must soon pack her trunks, he asks her permission to kiss her goodnight.

Why did Blanche’s marriage fail?

They went that night to a dance where a polka was playing. In the middle of the dance, Blanche told her young husband that he disgusted her. This deliberate act of cruelty on Blanche’s part caused her young husband to commit suicide. Blanche has always thought she failed her young lover when he most needed her.

What is wrong with Blanche in A Streetcar Named Desire?

She also has a bad drinking problem, which she covers up poorly. Behind her veneer of social snobbery and sexual propriety, Blanche is an insecure, dislocated individual. Stanley quickly sees through Blanche’s act and seeks out information about her past.

Why does Blanche seem depressed at the beginning of this scene?

What do we learn about Blanche in her episode with the young man? Why does Blanche seem depressed at the beginning of scene 6? She says she was in love before and walked in on her husband with another man. She thinks she killed him because after she told him that he disgusts her, he killed himself.

Why does Blanche smash a bottle on the table?

Blanche wants him to stand aside so she can pass, and Stanley thinks that it might not be too bad to interfere with her. As he advances toward her, Blanche breaks a bottle so as “to twist the broken end in your face.” He springs on her as she sinks to the floor.

Why does Stanley slap Stella?

The men deal out yet another hand of poker. Stella tries to make introductions, but the men barely look up. When Stella suggests that they stop playing for the night, Stanley slaps a hand on her thigh, and Stella, offended, goes into to the bedroom with Blanche.

Who does Blanche Kiss at the End of Scene 5?

The young man is uncomfortable and nervous. Blanche declares that he looks like an Arabian prince, then kisses him on the lips and sends him on his way, saying, “I’ve got to be good—and keep my hands off children.” A few moments later, Mitch appears with a bunch of roses.

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