What are the themes of DNA?

What are the themes of DNA?

How does Kelly present the theme of morality in DNA? One way that Kelly uses Leah to present ideas about morality is through his use of monologues. Leah spends a considerable amount of her stage time on these (especially early on in the play). On stage Phil may react to what she is saying but on the page Leah is left uninterrupted and can develop her ideas.

What is the context of DNA? Historical Context of DNA

Written in the first decade of the new millennium, DNA reflects early-aughts anxieties about the roles of violent media, gang activity, and millennial apathy in contemporary society.

Are there any common themes in Dennis Kellys work? Common Themes more

John could become Jane, or Leah could become Lee. I reasoned that there isn’t the huge gap between men and women that we like to think there is. We are different, yes, but our similarities far outweigh our differences.

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What happens in DNA play?

It’s about a group of teenagers, who could be described as a ‘gang’ who have accidently killed one of their classmates. When they realise their mistake, they try to cover up the crime but inadvertently implicate an innocent man.

What happens to Leah in DNA?

Leah is a moral character and tries to reason with many of the characters. She is sensible and able to think for herself and speak her mind. However, she still falls under the leadership of Phil as she is not strong enough to alter the opinions and actions of anyone in the group.

How should we define morality?

Morality refers to the set of standards that enable people to live cooperatively in groups. It’s what societies determine to be “right” and “acceptable.” Sometimes, acting in a moral manner means individuals must sacrifice their own short-term interests to benefit society.

How is Cathy in DNA?

Cathy is a self-centered girl who is nonetheless desperate to please the other members of the group and prove her worth, going so far as to secure incriminating DNA from an innocent man which ties him to Adam’s disappearance.

Who Killed Adam in DNA?

Phil instructs Jan, Mark and Lou to leave and not say anything. He shows Cathy how to kill Adam by tying a plastic bag around Brian’s head (who is by not on medication and is clearly losing his mind). Leah begs him not to do this. Scene 4: Leah does not speak.

What time of year is DNA set?

DNA was written in 2007 and is set in the early twenty-first century. Discussion: Do they think it is still relevant to today’s audience? Jan and Mark are used as narrators throughout the play, filling in the blanks. In pairs identify five lines in the opening scene that capture the narrative nature of the scene.

What is Phil’s plan in DNA?

Phil’s plan also involves having one of the gang members – Brian – telling his headteacher that a fat postman with bad teeth has exposed himself to him in the woods. Although Phil creates the ‘fat postman with bad teeth’ after Adam has been reported missing, the police find a man who fits the description.

Where is the play DNA set?

Setting and construct

We are told at the beginning of the play that the events take place in a street, a field and a wood. These spaces are generic and move from public space, a street, to a more hidden and secret space, a wood with the symbolic connotations of both threat and enchantment that this conveys.

How is Phil presented as a leader in DNA?

An intensely quiet and inscrutable presence for the first part of the play, Phil soon emerges as a kind of mastermind once the group of teens at the center of the action finds themselves in trouble—and, because Phil’s intricate plan to cover up the murder of their schoolmate Adam saves them, the group begins looking to

Who wrote DNA play?

Dennis Kelly (born ) is a British scriptwriter for theatre, television and film. His play DNA, first performed in 2007, became a core set-text for GCSE in 2010 and has been studied by approximately 400,000 students each year.

What are DNA components?

In turn, each nucleotide is itself made up of three primary components: a nitrogen-containing region known as a nitrogenous base, a carbon-based sugar molecule called deoxyribose, and a phosphorus-containing region known as a phosphate group attached to the sugar molecule (Figure 1).

Is Adam killed in DNA?

Scene 3: Adam is alive and has been living in a hedge. He has survived by living off dead animals. He has clearly sustained a head injury. He shows Cathy how to kill Adam by tying a plastic bag around Brian’s head (who is by not on medication and is clearly losing his mind).

What is the style of DNA play?

Key themes present in DNA by Dennis Kelly are explored using a mixture of short dramatised sequences, narration and talking head-style interviews with some of the key characters. The main themes of the play are bullying, gang membership, social responsibility, morality and leadership.

What is Jan like in DNA?

Jan is Mark’s close friend and constant companion. Mark and Jan’s vague, gossipy conversations act as preludes during each part of the play, opening the action in a disorienting and intriguing way.

Who is Tate DNA?

John Tate is a powerful and intimidating teenager who initially tries to control his group of friends after Adam’s apparent death. Though John Tate is, at the start of the play, ostensibly the leader of the group of teens at its center, it’s clear that his leadership is already on shaky ground.

Who defines morality?

Morals are the prevailing standards of behavior that enable people to live cooperatively in groups. Moral refers to what societies sanction as right and acceptable. Most people tend to act morally and follow societal guidelines. Morality describes the particular values of a specific group at a specific point in time.

What is the most important element of morality?

Across many traits, honesty, compassion, fairness, and generosity were most important to liking, respecting, and understanding. Other moral traits, such as purity and wholesomeness, were seen as less important; even less than certain competent traits (e.g., intelligence, articulate).

What is leadership DNA?

Leadership means different things to different people and there are lots of different leadership styles. A good starting point when defining and developing the DNA of your leadership skills is to create a vision for your career, along with a draft personal development strategy on how to achieve it.

What happens in Act 2 of DNA?

This passage shows that Brian is being pressured to talk to the police once again and confirm the man’s identity. He doesn’t want to, but the others in the group are pressuring him to help keep up their lie, demonstrating how powerful groupthink can be. Leah wonders what would happen if they all did nothing.

How does Kelly present John Tate?

Dennis Kelly presents John Tate from the beginning of Act 1 as a character constantly struggling for power. By the naming of John Tate with a surname, Kelly gives the character an initial superficial power as the leader of the group. The audience, are therefore aware that other characters are expected to respect him.

Why is end on staging good?

Advantages: The audience are often kept distant from the performers, because the acting area is separate from the audience, elaborate set and costume can be used as it is easier to change, lighting the performance is easy as you do not have to consider the effects on the audience, it is easier to create a fourth wall

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