What are speedy rewards?

What are speedy rewards? Earn Points Every Day. Start earning points immediately in-store or at the pump with your Speedy Rewards membership. Redeem Points. Redeem your available points with the mobile app or at the in-store kiosk, and receive a coupon for your selected reward or pay with points using the tablet at the register.

Are speedy rewards worth it? WalletHub, Financial Company

Speedway points are worth 0.09 cents each, on average. For example, 10,000 Speedway points have a dollar value of roughly $9. As a result, Speedway points are less valuable than the average retail rewards points, which are valued at 2.15 cents each.

How many speedy points equal a dollar? Earn 50 points per dollar by using your Speedy Rewards® Mastercard® card for purchases at Speedway, in addition to the loyalty points you may earn today, and 10 points everywhere else when you use your card.

How long do Speedy Rewards points last? Points earned on a SPEEDY REWARDS Membership Card expire after nine (9) months of account inactivity.

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How do you get Speedway points fast?

The primary way of earning Speedy Rewards Points is by spending money at Speedway Gas Stations either at the pump or in-store. When you’re at the pump you’ll earn 10 Speedy Points per gallon of fuel and when you make purchases in-store you will earn 20 points per dollar spent on merchandise.

Can I use my speedway points for gas?

What is the Speedy Rewards Program? Every time you make a purchase, excluding restricted items, you will immediately start earning points towards free gasoline and/or merchandise, as well as coupons for valuable savings, simply by using your Speedy Rewards card inside the store or at the pump.

Are fuel rewards worth it?

If Shell is the only gas station you use and you drive a lot, then yes, the Fuel Rewards credit cards could be worth it. Remember, the benefits earned can only be utilized at Shell so redemptions are limited.

How are Speedy Rewards points calculated?

Points are calculated on an average spend multiplied by a 3 month spend. Visit for the Speedy Rewards Program terms and conditions, including information on point redemption, restrictions and your Speedy Rewards Account. Points earned will expire after 9 months of Account inactivity.

How much is a speedy freeze?

Fans of frozen drinks say they are essentially the same thing, though some claim Slurpees are not as thick. Slurpees also tend to cost a bit more, typically selling for $1.19 in many markets instead of 89 or 99 cents for a Speedy Freeze.

How do you use speedy points for gas?

Start earning points immediately in-store or at the pump with your Speedy Rewards membership. Redeem your available points with the mobile app or at the in-store kiosk, and receive a coupon for your selected reward or pay with points using the tablet at the register.

Will Speedway points expire?

The only time your points will expire is if your Speedy Rewards card is inactive for 9 months.

How do I activate my Speedy Rewards card?

At the Speedy Reward counter terminal, scan your card and press the button labeled, “Register Card.” Follow the prompts to complete your registration. Online. You can also activate your Speedy Rewards card by visiting and register by clicking on the Login/Sign Up option.

Can you combine Speedy Rewards cards?

When you receive your new Speedy Rewards Mastercard®, you can go to www. firstbank​ and log into your credit card account. There is an option to merge your current Speedy Rewards account with your new Speedy Rewards number.

Is Speedway top tier?

Speedway is a licensee of Top Tier gasoline, and all retail locations must meet those quality standards. A key hallmark of the Speedway brand is its Speedy Rewards loyalty program.

Can I use my pilot card at Speedway?

The Pilot Flying J MyRewards loyalty card will be honored at the 41 Speedway locations. Speedway, which acquired WilcoHess in 2014, will contribute 41 locations, and PFJ will contribute 79 to form PFJ Southeast LLC. All 120 locations will fly either the Pilot or Flying J flag.

Can I use a speedway gift card at the pump?

Can I use my gift card at the pump? Yes! First, insert your speedy rewards card (if you have one) in the same slot you would normally enter your credit card. Then repeat that with your Speedy Cash card.

Do Speedway employees get discounts?

There are no discount policies for speedway. Everything is full price. Food, drinks, gas, etc. is not free. There is no employee discount.

How do I delete my Speedy Rewards account?

If you’ve set up an account with Speedy Rewards’ Mall and/or with Speedway Café and you would like for Speedway to delete your account(s), please call us at 1-800-643-1948.

How do I redeem my Fuel points?

Use the Fuel Rewards app to link a credit or debit card to your Fuel Rewards account. At the pump, swipe your linked card to access your rewards and lower your fuel price. Select YES to redeem all rewards or NO to only redeem savings from Gold or Silver Status.

What bank issues Speedway credit cards?

Cards are issued by First Bankcard®, a division of First National Bank of Omaha, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.

Are speedways changing to 711?

Convenience retail giant 7-Eleven Inc. on Friday announced the successful completion of its acquisition of Speedway, the convenience store arm of Marathon Petroleum Corp.) with approximately 3,800 stores located in 36 states across the United States. 7-Eleven has acquired Speedway’s 3,800 stores in 36 states.

How many calories is a speedy freeze?

There are 120 calories in 1 serving (8 oz) of Speedway SuperAmerica Speedy Freeze.

Does Speedway sell condoms?

Speedway Market – Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms – 3 Pack | Pointy. Speedway Market is considered as their extended pantry by our neighbors and patrons.

Is Speedway American owned?

Speedway is an American convenience store and gas station chain headquartered in Enon, Ohio, with locations primarily in the Midwest and the East Coast regions of the United States wholly owned by 7-Eleven.

What is speedway alternate ID?

Alternate ID is a 7-10 digit number linked to your Speedy Rewards card that you can use in place of swiping your card. Each Speedy Rewards card will have a unique Alternate ID so points earned will go directly to your card. You can use your Alternate ID at the pump or inside the store.

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