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What are Fogo bins?

What are Fogo bins? Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) are nutrient-rich materials that can be recycled into garden mulch and other beneficial soil conditioners for use in agriculture and industry.

What goes in the Fogo bin? As a general rule, any waste that comes from a plant or animal can go in your FOGO bin. ✓ All food scraps including raw or cooked bones, eggshells, citrus, dairy products, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, tea bags, unfinished meals plus out of date food removed from its packaging.

How Does Fogo work? FOGO aims to divert food and organic waste from landfill, via the red-lidded bins, and into compost, via the green-lidded bin. Participants can place household waste such as raw and cooked meat, fruit and vegetable scraps and bread into their green-lidded bin along with their normal garden waste.

Can cardboard go in Fogo bin? If your recycling bin is full, you can put newspaper, cardboard and paper in the FOGO bin. Ensure you are sorting your waste correctly into each of your bins to maximise available space.

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What happens to Fogo waste?

The contents of your general waste bin (which may have a red or a dark green lid) are sent to Landfill. Waste that is sent to landfill is emptied and compacted on the ground where it is buried forever. Organic waste should always be placed in your FOGO bin to be recovered as compost.

Can I put kitty litter in the Fogo bin?

Some kitty litters can be placed in your FOGO bin to be composted. You can wrap the kitty litter in newspaper or use a compostable liner.

Can you put oil in Fogo bin?

Small amounts of cooking oil can be placed in your FOGO bin if it is mixed/absorbed with paper towel and food waste to be composted. Cottonseed oil should never be disposed of in your FOGO bin and should be placed into your general waste bin.

Can baking paper go in Fogo?

Baking Paper can be placed into your FOGO bin to be composted.

Can you put tissues in Fogo?

Take away left overs, spoiled food and food scraps of all kinds can go into FOGO. Tissues, paper towel, shredded paper and newspapers can all go in. Don’t forget tea bags and coffee grounds!

Can dog poo go in food waste bin?

Dog waste can be treated alone or added to food scraps in a bokashi system. This is a simple 2-stage process which firstly ferments the waste. The treated waste is then buried in the ground or added to a compost bin, where it breaks down very quickly.

Can nappies go in Fogo bin?

Soiled nappies and incontinence products should NEVER be placed in the recycling or FOGO bins as they end up contaminating the recycling and composting process. Please dispose of these products in your General Waste Bin (Red lid).

How do I order a new Fogo bag?

You can call Customer Service on 1300 722 542, visit or email [email protected]

What can go in green waste bin Shellharbour?

All food waste can go into the green bin along with garden organics, lawn clippings and leaves. Organics are then reprocessed into compost mulch at Shellharbour’s own FOGO processing facility.

Is Fogo compulsory?

Guides to implement FOGO services are available (guide 1, guide 2) and studies show FOGO can work in multiunit dwellings. In many parts of the world FOGO is mandatory.

What is Fogo?

What is FOGO? FOGO stands for Food Organics Garden Organics. It relates to your waste collection service and the weekly collection of food waste such as kitchen scraps and lawn clippings, small branches and garden debris in your green-lidded organics bin.

Which bin does paper towel go in?

Myth 2: Tissues, napkins and paper towels go in the yellow lid bin. Nope. While you may be able to compost these items, they don’t go in your recycling bin. These items are generally made from recycled materials and the fibres get shorter with each use.

Where Does Fogo waste go Randwick?

Glass bottles and jars: These should go in your yellow lid recycling bin. Household waste: This should go in your red lid rubbish bin.

What bin should I put dog poo in?

All animal waste should be bagged up and placed in the general waste bin.

What bin should dog poo go in?

You should put dog poo into your grey wheeled bin in a sealed plastic bag or 2 to avoid any spillage. You can dig 5 inch holes in your garden, use biodegradable corn bags to bury it in the soil and the microorganisms in the soil will degrade it. Do not compost it.

Is it OK to put dog poo down the toilet?

A spokesperson told us, “You should not flush animal poo down the toilet. The wastewater treatment process is only designed to treat human waste and animal poo has much higher levels of bacteria, as well as a higher nitrate content. Don’t flush it, but bag it and bin it.

What is the three bin system?

Definition: The Three-Bin System is like a two-bin system, wherein the third bin of inventory is reserved with the supplier. In other words, a manufacturing firm keeps a stock of inventory in two bins, and at the same time, the supplier of the inventory will keep one bin reserved at his location.

Where is Fogo processed?

The company has just completed the build of a new open windrow composting processing facility in the western Sydney suburb of Badgerys Creek, which will have the capacity to process 50,000 tonnes of food waste per annum.

What bin does dog poo go in Vic?

Dog poo is not recyclable. There are compost systems specifically designed for this (search the internet for “pet waste composting”). Alternatively, please ensure it is secured in a compostable or biodegradable bag and dispose of in your household garbage bin.

What are food organics?

Organic farming is the production of food without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified components. Organic foods are not necessarily completely chemical free, but the pesticide residues will be considerably lower than those found in produce manufactured with synthetic chemicals.

What bin Can I put wood in?

Wood and timber are not accepted in your household recycling bin but you can take it to most household waste recycling centres.

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