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How do you style a fiddle leaf fig?

How do you style a fiddle leaf fig?

How should fiddle leaf figs look? You can tell if your plant is healthy if the fiddle leaf fig has new growth and the new leaves are larger than the old ones. The plant will also look good overall and feature vibrant, shiny green leaves.

Do fiddle leaf figs like terracotta? I like to take my tree out of these suckers as soon as I get home. For pots, I use good ol’ terracotta pots. If you don’t have a hole at the bottom of your pot, then the water can pool inside and cause the roots to rot, which can kill your plant. Fiddle leaves don’t like to stay soggy.

Why are people obsessed with fiddle leaf figs? Fiddle leaf figs are popular because they’re statement plants that contrast modern interior decor, and they boast bold beautiful green leaves. Once you get the hang of it, they’re easy to maintain, they grow quickly, and you can control the size by the pot’s shape.

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Why are fiddle leaf figs so difficult?

A fiddle-leaf fig tree is even more finicky than you thought. Fiddle-leaf fig trees don’t like: drafts, soil that is too wet, soil that is too dry, too much sun, not enough sun, dry air, or loud music.

Should I cut brown leaves off fiddle leaf fig?

Remove Damaged Leaves and Stems

Any leaves with large brown spots or holes can safely be removed to improve the overall health of your plant. When you notice damaged or sick leaves, remove them quickly any time of year. Pruning the damaged leaves and branches from this fiddle leaf fig could potentially save it.

Can a fiddle leaf fig get too much sun?

If you want to place your tree in front of a southern exposure, you’ll want to slowly acclimate it to being in many hours of direct sunlight — if they’re given too much direct sunlight too quickly, the leaves could burn and form brown scorch marks.

What does an overwatered fiddle leaf fig look like?

A telltale sign of too much water and/or root rot in Fiddle Leaf Figs is brown spots near the center of the leaves, as well as around the edges. Overwatered Fiddles will also show a general browning, with tiny dark spots or shady areas, that can spread quickly from one leaf to another over the course of a week.

Why are the edges of my fiddle leaf fig turning brown?

The most common cause of brown leaves on a fiddle leaf fig is due to a fungal infection from the roots sitting in too much moisture. Over-watering and poor drainage causes root rot, which spreads from the roots to the leaves of your plant.

Can you cut and replant fiddle leaf fig?

Propagating a fiddle leaf fig plant means taking a stem or leaf cutting and allowing it to root in water or soil to create a new self-sustaining plant. You can propagate most houseplants, with varying degrees of difficulty. Fiddle leaf figs are actually relatively easy to propagate.

Should you shake your fiddle leaf fig?

Yep, in order for your plant to be happy, it needs to move. The tip recently went viral on TikTok, where a ficus lover explained that shaking the trunk of the ficus for a couple minutes every day actually helps it grow stronger and healthier. As wild as it sounds, it’s true!

Are fiddle leaf figs hard to keep alive?

The hot houseplant of the moment (or really, of the last few years), the fiddle leaf fig makes a gorgeous, architectural statement in any room of the house. But while this lush plant, with its shiny, violin-shaped leaves, is stunning, it can be hard to keep alive.

Do fiddle leaf figs like big pots?

Look for pots that are 3 to 4 inches wider in diameter and an inch or two taller than the growing pot your fig came in. But don’t get a pot that’s too big (over 6 inches in diameter), as excessively large containers may allow root rot to take hold of your plant.

When should I move my fiddle leaf fig inside?

“If your fiddle-leaf fig is not liking its current spot and is not looking happy, then move it to a better location (such as with brighter light or away from a draft). Otherwise, try to avoid moving your fig or if you do have to move it, do it gradually and hope it doesn’t notice.”

How fast does a fiddle tree grow?

Fiddle leaf figs can grow 12 to 18 inches each year when fed properly and given an abundance of natural light! However, if it is a large plant and you do not want it to grow larger, you can reduce the feedings to once a month.

How many types of fiddle leaf figs are there?

Types of Fiddle Leaf Plants

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants, also called FLF, have two distinct types that you’ll find as houseplants. The first one is the Fiddle Leaf Fig bush that flaunts a bushy appearance and grows around 3 to 4 ft in height. Popular cultivars include Ficus lyrata ‘Compacta,’ ‘Bambino,’ and ‘Suncoast.

Can a fiddle leaf fig live in low light?

Unlike other plants that can tolerate both low light and bright light environments (looking at you, monsteras!), the fiddle-leaf fig will have none of that. It needs to be put in a spot that has a lot of bright, indirect light. It also needs a few hours of direct sunlight every day.

How long does it take for a fiddle leaf fig to grow?

The name fiddle given to this plant comes from its kind of fiddle (violin) shaped leaves). This ficus is a slow growing plant that may take up to 10 -15 years to reach full maturity, but after 3 or 4 years of growth it starts to become an attractive tree like ornamental house plant.

How much sun can a fiddle leaf fig tolerate?

The common information about FLFs needing bright indirect light isn’t exactly true. Fiddle Leaf Figs will take all the light you can give them! They are full sunlight plants in nature and can handle a full 6-8 hours of direct sun a day – ONCE they have been hardened off.

What do you do with dead fiddle leaf fig leaves?

In summary, the best thing you can do to help your fiddle-leaf fig tree survive is to leave it be to recover, slowly, on its own. Give it indirect sunlight, water once a week, and warm temperatures (it will appreciate a room temperature that’s from 60 to 90 degrees).

Can you save a fiddle leaf fig with no leaves?

If almost all of your leaves have dried out due to severe dehydration and several of your branches have died, you may be better off calling it quits and getting a new fiddle. Technically, you can revive your fiddle if part of the trunk or stem is still alive, but it will take a lot of time and care.

Can I put my fiddle leaf fig in the rain?

Your plant will grow best with rain or spring water! Choose the right soil. Fiddle Leaf Figs like rich, well drained soil. Use an indoor potting soil or try mixing it with 1/3 cactus soil to ensure proper drainage.

How do you know if a fiddle leaf fig needs water?

Once you’ve established that the top few inches of soil have dried, the easiest way to tell if your Fiddle Leaf needs water is to look at the leaves. If the leaves are not rigid and upright, and they start to look floppy, they’re telling you they need water.

What causes fiddle fig leaves to curl?

Lack of watering can cause the leaves to curl. Other factors that can cause your fiddle fig leaves to curl are overwatering, over-fertilizing, small plant pot, lack of nutrients to change in temperature. A fiddle leaf fig is a finicky plant and demands rather specific living quarters.

Do house plants like to be touched?

Summary: Research has found that plants are extremely sensitive to touch and that repeated touching can significantly retard growth. “The lightest touch from a human, animal, insect, or even plants touching each other in the wind, triggers a huge gene response in the plant,” Professor Whelan said.

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