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Can You Watch Airtel Tv On Laptop?

Can You Watch Airtel Tv On Laptop? Previously, Airtel TV was only available on Android and iOS devices, but the consumers will now be able to access it on desktops, laptops, and any other device that supports a Web browser. The Airtel TV Web version can currently be accessed on Airtel Xstream website.

How can I watch Airtel xstream on my laptop? You have to Log in to the website, i.e. to get access to the Airtel TV content on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, etc. Now you need to Go to the ‘More’ option on the navigation bar. Click on ‘Login’ there and then enter your Airtel mobile number in the pop-up.

How can I watch Airtel TV online? All Airtel subscribers need to do is simply go on to website ( and log in with their Airtel number to access the service. Once logged in, the subscriber will able to see all the content available for free. For watching premium content, subscribers will need to pay for the packages.

Can I watch TV channels on my laptop? Turn your laptop into a mobile television set. Luckily, you can still view live television on your computer. You have two options: Plug a TV tuner device—which catches broadcasts like an antenna does—into a USB port, or stream shows through your web browser.

Can You Watch Airtel Tv On Laptop? – Related Questions

How do I install Airtel xstream app on my laptop?

Open Google Play Store and Type “Airtel Xstream” in the search bar. Find the Airtel Xstream app from appeared search results and Click on Install. After installed click on Airtel Xstream from the home screen to start using it.

Does Airtel Xstream support normal TV?

Airtel XStream Box is compatible with all types of TVs including 4K, HD on LED, LCD, or plasma technology as it supports HDMI output. It can also be connected to older TV sets over Audio, video cable. Additionally it also has output to connect to Home theatre that work on Optic cable.

How can I watch free Airtel TV?

For watching free live TV, Airtel prepaid and postpaid customers will have to download the Airtel TV app and register using Airtel’s mobile Internet to activate the free subscription. Airtel points that data charges will apply.

Can I install Airtel TV App on Smart TV?

The Airtel XSTREAM STICK has a Chromecast-like form factor and runs on Android TV. If you are a Jio user, then know that the JioTV app is available for Android TVs and users can download the app, log in with their Jio account and enjoy the content on a large screen.

Can I watch Airtel TV on mobile?

Airtel customers simply need to download and install the Airtel TV app on their smartphones and enjoy the experience. Airtel TV app is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Can I watch Tatasky on laptop?

Tata Sky Web Version allows any Tata Sky subscriber to access the company’s Live TV service on their PCs. To access this service users will have to open the Tata Sky Web Version’s website. You can also access your Tata Sky services in this section.

Can I watch Netflix on my laptop?

Netflix website

You can watch Netflix on your Windows computer by visiting Watching on is supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers. From your preferred browser, visit

Is Airtel Live TV free?

Airtel TV offers you unlimited access to the best TV Channels and video-on-demand content from around the world. Airtel TV is available to only Airtel Africa subscribers. Subscription to the service comes at no cost to the user.

Can I watch live TV on Airtel xstream app?

In addition to live TV, one can stream movies, TV shows, and originals from various OTT platforms via the app. Previously known as Airtel TV, the Xstream app is available on Android and iOS-powered devices for free via the respective app marketplace.

Is Airtel xstream app available for PC?

Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV), one of the best Entertainment category app, is now available for PC. This app is developed by Airtel and available on google play store. Follow this simple guide and get any of the favorite app – including Airtel Xstream (Airtel TV): Live TV, Movies, Shows on PC.

Is Airtel xstream TV good?

Airtel Xstream Box is one of the best and the most feature-rich and technologically advanced DTH connections in India. The built-in Chromecast which provides the customers access to the OTT content. The Android TV OS also helps you install apps and games directly on your TV, making it a Smart TV.

What is monthly charges of Airtel xstream box?

Airtel Xstream Price in India is set at Rs. 3600. It comes with a one-month free content subscription plan.

Is Netflix free with Airtel xstream?

Is Netflix free on Airtel Xstream Fiber? Sadly, Airtel Xstream Fiber does not offer a subscription to Netflix across the country. The company currently offers subscriptions to Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, ZEE5 Premium, Airtel Xstream application, Shaw Academy, and Wynk Music with its range of broadband plans.

Can I get TV channels through WIFI?

Get a TV with either an HDMI port or Wi-Fi.

You don’t have to have a Smart or Internet TV to watch streaming television over the Internet. As long as your TV has an HDMI port or Wi-Fi, you can use any streaming box (or their stick-like counterparts) to watch shows from a variety of subscription services.

Is Airtel TV free for Airtel users?

Customers can choose from over 350 + LIVE TV channels and 10,000 + movies and shows on Airtel TV app. All content on Airtel TV app is completely free for Airtel Postpaid and Prepaid customers till June 2018.

Is Hotstar free with Airtel?

Airtel is now offering a complimentary Disney+ Hotstar subscription to select postpaid and broadband customers. Broadband customers are required to have a plan of Rs 999 or above and postpaid customers are required to have an active plan of Rs 499 or above. The offer can be availed via the Airtel Thanks app.

How can I watch Airtel TV on my LG Smart TV?

To avail the offer, LG TV users need to call the Airtel Digital TV number 81304 81306 wherein a company representative will verify the serial number of your LG television.

Can I watch Airtel TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

Airtel Xstream application is now available on Amazon Fire TV Stick. The streaming application comes with a variety of content including TV shows and movies from a different genre. The app offers a large library of movies, TV shows and more from different content partners.

Which app has all TV channels?

nexGTv. Being one of the most popular live TV apps in India, nexGTv offers access to over 140 channels from across India in multiple genres, including news, sports, movies, and more.

How can I watch cable channels on my computer?

Purchase an external TV tuner.

A TV tuner allows you to connect your antenna or cable box to your computer, and then use your computer to watch and change channels using onscreen controls. TV tuners for computers are available from most major electronics retailers or through online outlets such as Amazon and Newegg.

How do I connect my laptop to my setup box?

You can connect an HDMI cable to your laptop if it has an HDMI port. Otherwise you’d need an adapter depending on what kinds of ports your laptop has. If you’re using MacBook Pro (2017) you’d need a usb-c to HDMI adapter etc. There’s always an option to connect them wirelessly, using devices like Airtame.

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